Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Tiffany from the Bad Girl's Club Season 3

Tiffany Torrence Davis

Known for her 2008/2009 appearance on Major television network Oxygen reality show “Bad Girls Club 3”, Chicago Native Tiffany Torrence Davis was recognized for her strong yet subtle presence on the show. While the show was only a lightening rod for her to come full circle with her passion for theater, Tiffany has spun into a professional career as an actress as well as starting her own non-profit organization. (From A Bad Girl To A Great Woman)

As a student at St. Francis High School Tiffany was a staple in the Theater Department, honing her craft in essentially every play the school produced. While at Bradley University, she also worked within the Theater department where she displayed her talents in various productions including The Laramie Project and The Vagina Monologues.

Her spontaneous decision to audition for the Bad Girls Club was just a mere thought not taken serious. “I was a huge fan of the show and it was just a joke, but I went all the way through”. An impromptu idea that became an overnight reality for the starlet has motivated her to pursue various roles that include securing a lead role in prominent writer Reshaunda Henderson’s play “The Mr., The Mrs. & The Lover.” Along with her 2009 play debut, she is also starring as the lead actress in G.O.O.D Music artist GLC’s single ClockinLotsa Dollarz featuring UGK’s Bun B and the lead actress in R&B sensation K’Jon hit single, “On the Ocean.”

Tiffany’s work has just begun, along with hosting various events and building her brand, Tiffany’s goals are clear along with motivational speaking featured at various Chicago Public High-schools including Simeon Career Academy, University of Chicago Charter School & Vivian Summer Alternative School. With a hopeful purpose in mind Tiffany wants to inspire, mentor and reach beyond the stars not only for herself but also for her fans. “"From a Bad Girl to A Great Woman goal is taking what I have learned from my personal life and my reality experience and helping young girls. Be it emotional, anger, or physical abuse. Helping them channel that negative energy into a positive force in life with the help of GOD”.