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Inspirational Story

On this past Friday, a high school in Northwest Indiana bestowed an honorary high school diploma and full alumni status upon my Aunt Sue's (my Mom's Best Friend) Mother. Throughout the years Ms. Brown talked about getting a GED, but life (and perhaps confidence) always seemed to get in her way. The nursing home that she lives in and the school went well above and beyond any expectations to make this a special day for her. Several of the nurses and CNAs came in on their day off to support Aunt Sue's mom, and the school sent 3 faculty members and 14 students to participate in the ceremony. My Aunt said, "The spirit of good will was overwhelming." My Mother shared this with me and I am sharing it with you. I wish we all could have experienced the love and joy Ms. Brown felt Friday. (This was one of just a few times that she has been in a chair since her surgery in May.) I hope you see there is no limit to our possibility in life. That we all can achieve it if we just dare to DREAM and Step our GREATNESS up!!!!!!!! *HIT THE HIGHLIGHTED SHARE to see the Story*