Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I've been proving people wrong for three years now." --- Tiffany Torren...


  1. ah what a surprise the last post on here is from over 2 years ago... /cough
    i have one question. i can't tweet it cus it's too long.
    did anyone ever help you realize or did you ever realize yourself the way you reacted on BGC when cookie told you how your "brother" made her uncomfortable and touched her... was wrong? did you ever think that is why most rapes/sexual abuse is never reported to anyone? cus they know that man is someone's son. maybe someone's husband or brother, and the people close to them will say "not my son." "not my husband, you're crazy. you're selfish. you're jealous of us. you wanted it." who the fuck does that? what are you a white republican male? cus you sure as hell didn't act like an independent black woman that night. i just really hope you grew the fuck up since then. and this is hard, cus you were my favorite girl the entire season, but that fight just disgusted me. out of all the things youve said not once did you offend me until then. i don't care if her face was in his "peepee" it doesn't matter. are you saying she DESERVED it?? that is like saying girls who wear skimpy clothing deserve to get raped. i just really hope you have realized this on your own or someone close enough to you has helped you realize how horrible you were that night. i'll be honest, i'd be scared of you & walk away too. but that doesn't make you right.

  2. prove that shit wrong, bitch.