Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bad Girls Club Questions and Answers

Ok I get asked questions about BGC3 like every day. So , I took what I hear the most and made a blog for them.

1. I don't talk to Kayla or Amber B however Cookie and I re-united in Vegas while celebrating Annie BGC4 Birthday
2. I don't date Skeet anymore and yes Marcus and I are still very good friends actully he was in the house with us when we learned we were going to Vegas. I'm single. I've never been married and no Kids
3. I was upset that last nite at dinner because it was the 1st time I was hearing of this issue between Cookie and Mike. My Brother had been at the house for 4 days I felt like it should have been said that 1st nite or hell the next day ; not on our last day in the house. He had taken ALL of us out dancing, shopping, and dinner ( NO one felt uneasy when he was doing these things). To have Cookie feel like he had harmed her pissed me off. I told her I didn't want to talk about it but she keep pushing it. I felt they were trying to make him look perverted...I wasn't going for it. That isn't a issue to play with.... America would only see a BLACK man hurting a little blonde woman. Cookie and I talk about it she saw where I was coming from.
5. Sarah and I are are still friends more like sisters nothing or anyone can change that.
6. Ailea has grown up so much that was over 2 years ago. She is a GREAT girl
7. I am very aware that Kayla hates me that's her issue not mine. KC going home was edited too. She left after she and I got into it (Dress Ep) not after her fight with Cookie as shown. The necklace issue was that KC could come get it whenever; she lived in LA. Her calling about it everyday was dumb as hell in my view; come get your shit.
8. I was not afraid or upset about Tanisha when she showed up to the house..I was more IN AWE...she was a big reason I watched BGC. Hell yeah I called my MOM she is Tanisha's Biggest fan even to this day. I couldn't believe she was there...we were about to go home in like a WEEK and she POPPED in ....the ep. was edited alot too. Ashley BGC3 voice can be heard talking to Tanisha if you pay close attention you can see her standing next to Tanisha. Aliea and Whtney were gone home by that time this had taken place. Look at my TAN we had just gotten back from Cancun. Tanisha and I are GREAT friends we talk all the time.
9. I have hung out and/or talked with some of the cast of BGC1, BGC2, BGC4,BGC5,BGC6 ( I do state my opinon on BGC. I'm a BGC fan like other viewers) I just don't go around bashing other seasons and girls. We are all in the same boat but some other BGC'er feel they have to TOP the next girl so more power to them, thats not my style. Just keep my name out your mouth and be respectful.
10. Le Le and I are like sisters we visit each other every chance we get.
11. I was myself on the show..anyone in my REAL life will tell u that how I was on the BGC3 is how I am. I am sweet, kind, and loving...but if u push the right buttons. I will get in that A@@. Some my say I'm FAKE hey you can't be loved by everyone.
12. Cookie did not deserve the be hit or kicked in Cancun...I did try to stop it but it was to far gone. The tension between the Fab 5 and The Ambers was jsut to far gone at this point plus DRINKING all day didn't help. I was beyond DRUNK. The only two who jumped Cookie was Ailea and Whitney stop saying it was theh Fab 5. Neither Myself Sarah or Ashley hit Cookie; I did try to get the shoe out of her hand. I stepped up and did what was right for me in the end not to look good to anyone else. I was upset at Whit leaving she was my girl I love her. Ailea understood why I called her out she was wrong. Today she is a better person for learning from it; we all are. Amber B was wrong too she would say we (FAB 5) followed each other but she didn't move at all to help her GIRL once...even when Cookie was crying Amber just sat there did NOTHING. Ailea and Cookie have put it in the past and are cool with each other today.
13. I would do another show if it were right for me.
14. No I don't regret doing BGC3 it has open many doors for me.
15. Yes I do speak at schools when I say I am going to do something I do it. My non for profit From a Bad Girl 2 a Great Woman.
16. I hate when a person lies on me so that is why I was so pissed at Cookie at the reunion. If I do something BAD to someone else I can own up to it. I would not go sneaking around on a message board talking shit. If I have anything to say about anyone I would call a person or go see them. I never wrote on the message boards I did read them just like all the girls do. It was just so dumb Cookie had a WHOLE message board behind her and one person liked me and I had to be that person..yet I was the one with the big EGO.
17. When we filmed the reunion show us girls were watching the show just like us guys. So, we are seeing all the sneaky behind the back things the other girls had been saying. So our feeling are VERY raw at the reunion. Also we had never seen the Cancun or last Dinner ep. at all. Also production hype you you keeps you away from each other so anger is build up.
18. Yes I messed up my eye brows on the show...oh well I was still KUTE!!!!!!!
19. Yes I spit ExKuses bekause I learned from the best. Ik Baby!!!!
20. No the producers did not tell us what to do in any situation. Thing were TOLD to us and we either acted on them or didn't. It a BIG a mnd FUCK!!!
21. Yes I still live in Chi-Town.
22. Am I still a Bad Girl....Always and forever.....but being a GREAT WOMAN is my DESTINY.
23. Yes I heard there are 2 new girls from Chi-Town on season 6 I dont know them they have not reached out to me.
24. Yes GREATNESS is always in the air....its how I live life.

I hope this answers some of you guys ???? If I missed something please let me know- I will add it!!!!!!
Greatness is in the air!!!!!


  1. Renee S (DB_KU_WWEGirl)August 15, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    Girl, this was great!! I had to laugh because hubby was asking me half of these questions!! LOL!! And I had no idea to most of the answers, so this was really great to read. I've always liked you for you and the GREAT woman that you truly are. Although, without the show, I never would have met you, so I'm REALLY glad that you did the show. And I would LOVE to see you in another! LOL!!!
    ((HUGS)) xoxo
    Renee (DB_KU_WWEGirl)

  2. wow its sad you and cookie dont talk no more. cant you pleease give her a chance. what is the reason for not talking i might ask? who is le le?

    I have seen this show first now, and this is the first season I got sick to my stomach, I just saw the cancun episode, I was fisaclly shaking, I have never been that upset at something on the TV. I kinda felt stupid. but I wished ailea and whitney could have fucking been cool enough to do one on one fight. Like a say, hit me for fucking real and get it done! none of that bullshit. whitney at that point I liked, but now I think she is crazy, but at least she manned up. Ailea was crazy!!! she GLODED ABOUT KICKING HER, By then I really thought she should be sent to a crazy place( or what they call it) ... Like I dont say peep cant do stupid shit. homie I have adhd so my anger gets me, I got black outs before. But I have never hit someone, I have NEVER gone so many on one people. and the reason for that scene uppseting me so freeeaking much, cause I was bullied from 6 grade but 8-10 is was hell!!!

    I never say I did not maby do any thing. and belive me, I did not like the ambers, and the way they where allinating them selfs. but that scene got me back to one time when I got surronded with peeps. I did not do anything and thank GOD NONe hurt me. but MAN had that scared me and been with me ever since, for like 4-5 years. I am now 20 in a month!

    so lets just say I know what it is like to be on the ground and people GLOATING ABOUT BEING SO FUCKING HARDCORE. it discussed me. thats why I hated ailea more then whitney. the bitch was fake.

    But like I dont know her now so maby she is good now. I hope so cause everyone can change. But girrrlll you stepped up. I was sooo prrroud of yah girl. that was the day you turned into a woman!

    I am sorry about this long letter. but it just was sickening what happend, so I had to went it;). but you seem cool. just noo ganging up on peeps, girls need to stick togheter.

    and a hollah would be greeaaat :D..

    have a great day :)

  3. Thank you for writing this blog. There is a lot of things that I didn't know before.
    -Taylor C. Valentine

  4. Remember after the fight went down and you went on the balcony and you recited a quote, it was a rather long one but perhaps one from the Bible. I would like to know what those words are for it was a great quote! Please post it for I think that was a turning point, for me at least, in seeing the greatness in you Tiffany! Thank you!

  5. What is the chronological order of the episodes?

  6. I met Cookie once when she came to visit in Minnesota. She was really sweet.

  7. Noticed that you didn't say anything at all about post-BGC Whitney. Since she should have been left to rot in a Mexican jail after her assault on your trip, and that the last we saw of her was Perez Hilton tearing her a new asshole on the reunion (he did the same for Ailea, but you did say Ailea sucks a lot less now), my hope is that she's dead or working as a $2 whore.