Thursday, April 8, 2010

Greatness is just Greatness

We all have certain ideas about what success means and how it appears. I know that I am DESTINED 4 GREATNESS. As well as everyone else in this world. GREATNESS is an internal matter.It is the knowledge that we either have or don’t have. Why do great people do great things? It is natural to them. They don’t have any doubt about their abilities. I don’t have to prove I am great because my GREATNESS is natural. Anything that is natural doesn’t have to be proven, evidence of GREATNESS is realized over time. Inside each and everyone of us is the potential for GREATNESS; you must make a conscious decision to allow yourself to be what you were created to be and that is GREAT! As for success, that is easy once you have embraced that inner knowledge. That knowledge doesn’t come from your brain, but from your heart.

Greatness is in the air©
Tiffany Torrence-Davis

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  1. luv this blogg keep the positive vibes comin , i know when i read stuff like this it just gives me a positive mind set and thats wat i luv especially when im down so once again Thankz muah