Tuesday, March 16, 2010


“There exists a friend sticking closer than a brother.” --- Proverbs 18:24

Dedicated to my LOVES
Natasha, Fallon, Kendra, Crystal, Alycia, Markita, DeAnna, Terenee, Shanetta, Brittany, Skylar, Alex, Sarah and Aliea
I THANK YOU "LOVES" for undying LOVE and support..I will always make myself available to YOU when needed....GOOD or BAD we are still together!!!

An enduring friendship is truly needed to the human soul as food and water are to our body. Whether we are rich or poor, we all need friends, its our friendships that will pull us through thick and thin. Friends are our constant source of joy that uplift our spirits every time we’re with them soaking up moments of unending laughter and getting well with each other. Friends can provide us deep and healthy conversation that expands our knowledge and wisdom. Much-needed advices in times of challenges are readily available when we need them and our friends are ready to give them without hesitation. They wipe away all our tears when sorrow and loneliness strike. They are our solid anchor when we need stability when troubles calls. They are our defensive shields when HATERS are all over the place. Sister. Sis, Girls , Ladies bitches "LOVES" whatever name we call our friends they are truly, a priceless possessions to keep for a lifetime. Its hard to maintain a REAL friendship yet along several! I am BLESSED to have my "LOVES".....I need and crave my friendships.


  1. Totally true! My friends are my rock!!!

  2. This is an awesome blog. It is so true because friends, sisters, whatever as you stated are hard to find. Those people that accept you as you are, there through thick and thin and have your back no matter what are a blessing. Continue to surround yourself with everlasting love.